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We have about 3,000 mystery diner visits available each month across the UK and in 40 major cities worldwide.

Mystery Diners are volunteers, offering their time to complete a detailed report of a restaurant, hotel or pub experience, and being reimbursed for most of the cost of the experience in return. In 2003, we were the first to popularly use the term 'mystery dining' as a specialist form of mystery shopping.

In most cases an experience is for 2 people so you get the chance to go to places you would normally choose to visit a little more often.

The reports are paid for by the hospitality operators who find them invaluable in understanding the experience in detail from a customer's perspective. They are used to improve standards and reward well-performing staff.

Behind the scenes is an experienced and approachable team whose role is to support mystery diners in all corners of the UK and in about 40 major cities worldwide, ensuring they are properly briefed and prepared to produce high quality reports for our clients.

First, check the benefits and see if this sounds attractive to you. Then check the requirements to be sure that you will be able to do what we need. Then complete an application to join our network!

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“Life as a mystery diner enables us not only see service in a new light, whilst providing an opportunity to give the feedback that you always want to give but never find the time, but it also encourages my wife and I to go out for dinner more often as a couple rather than just with friends. It is a fantastic and enlightening experience that I regularly recommend to others.”

Simon, Diner 18557