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The Mystery Dining Company was founded in 2003.

It began as a response to a request from certain hospitality businesses for a better and more reliable way to evaluate operational performance. At that time, mystery shopping was often slow, unreliable and lacking in detail.

We were the first to popularly use the term 'mystery dining' as a specialist form of mystery shopping and also the first to introduce next-day reporting.

Today we support thousands of restaurants, pubs, hotels and caterers across the UK and in major cities worldwide. Businesses now know us as HospitalityGEM as we provide a range of Guest Experience Management services in addition to mystery dining.

We have about 10,000 active mystery diners and we try to get to know each one of them as we organise mystery visit assignments and review the results.

Behind the scenes is an experienced and approachable team whose role is to support mystery diners, ensuring they are properly briefed and prepared to produce high quality reports for our clients.

Here's a video showcasing some of our work:

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“I very rarely have to cook for myself these days! I am able to socialise for free, as well as treat family and friends. Mystery dining is a wonderful experience and it has surpassed all my expectations. It is the ideal role for anyone who enjoys good food and appreciates good customer service. I feel privileged to have been given these fantastic opportunities, and I feel valued by the mystery dining team who have offered their support throughout the entire process.”

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