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Forum Rules

The mystery dining forums are intended to provide a source of support and a sense of community. Please refer to the rules below when using the forum. Should you have a complaint, please give us the opportunity to resolve it by speaking to us directly either by using the chat feature or emailing

  • Safety: Don’t give out any personal information about yourself or another person, especially contact information.
  • Inappropriate use: Use the 'Report User' button to report inappropriate messages on the forum.
  • Relevancy: Make sure your comment is relevant and useful to the community.
  • Discretion: Please refrain from mentioning the location and date of any visits you have booked.
  • Empathise: Be patient with other users. Stay polite and light-hearted in any response.
  • Bad language: No swearing please.
  • Offensive behaviour: Don’t post in a manner likely to offend users or disrupt the community.
  • Theft: Don’t copy and paste large chunks of text from other sites or include copyrighted material in your post.
  • Illegal: Do not include anything that is obscene, indecent, harassing, threatening or offensive.

We reserve the right to remove any unsuitable posts from the forum.