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Jones The Grocer

A gorgeous bustling food emporium with a smaller format, at Jones the Grocer you can always find honest food and fantastic coffee. Their story began over two decades ago in 1996 when they opened their first ever store in Woollahra, Sydney. With a gourmet grocery, Sydney’s first ever walk-in cheese room and a café serving fresh world cuisine with an Aussie twist, Jones the Grocer quickly became the place to be seen for Sydney’s breakfasting crowd. And before we knew it, the news of our lazy brunches and mean flat whites was spreading far and wide.

Becoming a Mystery Diner

A little about us... Mystery Dining by HGEM works with many wonderful brands all over the world, helping them to deliver unforgettable experiences to their guests. Our partner brands put their customers at the heart of everything they do, and using Mystery Diners is a way to make sure their guests are always 100% happy.

We currently have an amazing opportunity for fans of the everyday gourmet brand Jones the Grocer, to sign up as Mystery Diners with our company and treat yourself to a free meal from one of your favourite brands.

As a Mystery Diner, you can enjoy a lovely meal at Jones the Grocer, and it won't cost you a thing! All you have to do is leave us valuable feedback about your experience, and we will then reimburse your expenses.

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