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Flight Club Comptoir Group Itsu
Punch Pubs Wembley Stadium Dishoom
Peach Pubs EL&N Vacherin
Everyman Bristol Lido Sky Sport
EL&N Vacherin Everyman
Punch Pubs HQ Theatres and Hospitality Flight Club
Lounges Dishoom Pret
Flight Club Cosy Club Brewdog
HQ Theatres and Hospitality Wagamama CH&Co
Peach Pubs Bristol Lido Dishoom
Bristol Lido HQ Theatres and Hospitality Lounges
Pret Sky Sport Everyman

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What is a mystery guest?

A mystery guest is someone who enjoys eating out and is prepared to complete an objective report on their experience in return for an agreed reimbursement. Our clients are looking to learn from the detailed experiences of their everyday guests (not critics), so we encourage people to visit places that they would normally choose to. As a volunteer, a mystery guest is free to complete as many or as few visits as they like and only choose what's convenient for them.

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Mystery guests

Thanks to HGEM I have been able to experience a wide variety of amazing restaurants and venues that I would have not otherwise known about. The friendly and efficient team also make the experience very easy and enjoyable.

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