Budget Hotels vs Luxury Hotels

Budget Hotels vs Luxury Hotels


Here at HGEM, our hotel visits range from 5 star spa resorts, to cosy, budget-friendly hotels, and we have arranged and read many mystery visit reports over the years. This has given us a great insight into what people value in each style of accommodation. After consulting the HGEM team about our diner’s insights, we found some interesting variations on whether we prefer luxury or budget overseas, and whether we prefer luxury or budget when staying in the UK.

What Do We Prefer Abroad?

Going on holiday to another country is always a special occasion. From exploring new places and learning about different cultures, it’s already guaranteed to be a rich experience. But what about our temporary home away from home?

Money will always be a huge factor here, which is evident in our mystery diner’s feedback. Some mention that if it’s possible, they like to stay somewhere nice as their holiday is supposed to be a treat, and they want that all round star treatment. Their feedback suggests their priority for where to stay is comfort and convenience, which may lean more towards the luxury end of accommodations. It does sometimes guarantee that you will be in a brilliant, central location, and that the staff may be more likely to engage with you, recommending places to go and helping with any questions. Some people may feel safer in a more expensive hotel, too, which can help when you don’t know a place very well.

However, most have said that a hotel overseas is a means to an end. Being in another country usually means you aren’t likely to be spending much time in your room, so the majority of our diners feel their money would be best spent on experiences rather than the hotel itself. With hotel comparison websites and other review sites, we can get a good idea of what cheaper hotels still give us those basic things we look for, such as cleanliness, safety, and accessibility. Another plus with budget hotels is you can sometimes find a recognisable brand, which can make you feel assured of the standard. It seems that most of us will look for a good deal when it comes to going abroad, and the hotel is not at the forefront of the holiday itself.

What Do We Prefer In The UK?

Holidays in the UK appear to be another story. We often take shorter breaks, making the most of a weekend or bank holiday, but there’s also good reason to stay for longer, too. Families or groups of friends may look to go to a holiday park or resort, but even with these, the accommodations can vary greatly.

Since we have some popular brand name hotels here that are easier on the wallet, some mystery diners have expressed feeling content and safe going with these hotels as they know what to expect. It’s easy to see why these are so popular – being part of a brand means the standard is consistent across all hotels, and you’ll have an idea of what the rooms will be like, what the food will be like, and what you yourself may need to bring. For people who favour familiarity, this is another bonus. These brands feel like something we can trust.

That being said, we seem to lean more towards luxury when staying in the UK. Some feedback mentions how when you stay somewhere here, it is often for an event, so staying somewhere that feels fancy adds to the experience. If attending something like a wedding, it’s likely to feel more special getting ready and going back to somewhere that keeps the magic going. There’s also something to be said for quality – with a more luxury hotel, you feel more confident that you’ll get a good night’s rest, and it can feel more like a home away from home. Somewhere more luxury can also give you a taste of where you are, often having more personality and overall immersing you in the place you’re visiting. You are also more likely to get things you won’t usually have access to, such as a spa or a pool.

The Verdict

It seems that while we’re happier to go with somewhere less fancy and more cheap when travelling abroad, we look for more comforts and luxury when staying in the UK. Generally, we are bound to look for whatever the best deal is – but our priorities differ depending on where we’re going!

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