Featuring... BAO

Featuring... BAO

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BAO offers an exquisite Taiwanese culinary adventure. With its eccentric branding and moreish food, BAO accentuates the Taiwanese cuisine.


Each BAO location represents a different slice of culture in Taiwan, from delicious, savoury BAO’s to sweet and fluffy buns. Their unique take on this Taiwanese dish will send you on a flavourful journey. The fan favourites: sweet egg custard buns, Beef short rib BAO and prawn shia song BAO are deliciously different and will keep you coming back for more.

BAO have 3 different locations: BAO Soho (voted best location for single diners), BAO Borough (voted best location for a night out), BAO Kings Cross (voted best location for the whole family) And BAO noodle shop. This shows that BAO has not only a delicious menu in every restaurant, but each location has its own special atmosphere and distinctive architecture. They also have different rooms you can hire: “Karaoke Room” where you can sing your heart out to 1k+ Asian and Western songs while enjoying a luxurious BAO bun, “Room Service” a room that fits 8-14 people and is accompanied with your own TV and a room service button, and the “Shoreditch Room” a room that fits 15-24 people, has a special party menu and you can play your own music. These rooms add a special touch to your meal and will give you an experience you will never forget.


BAO offer a wide range of meals including vegetarian and nut free options, so that everyone can enjoy the magical experience that BAO offers. Although the restaurants brand are BAO buns, they also produce a lot of other foods, including noodles, rice, dumplings, beef nuggets, and chicken. They also offer a mouth-watering drinks menu that will have you ordering again and again.


BAO also has an unrepeatable merch shop where you can buy tote bags, recipe books, sauces, teapots, candles and more. These items are extremely affordable and are a good addition to your everyday life. Whether you’re cooking, relaxing, or going out, BAO’s merch shop has the perfect thing for you.


Location: Soho, Borough, and Kings cross, BAO noodle shop. Visits for the Marlborough location will be available from the end of April.

Who can visit: The visits are for 2 adults.

Reimbursement: £75

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