Featuring... Coco Di Mama

Featuring... Coco Di Mama

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We want to start showcasing more of the amazing brands we work with, helping you to discover more about them what makes them special. We are kicking off this new blog series with...


With 10 restaurants in London, Italian-to-go chain, Coco Di Mama, aims to power working lives through their fresh Italian coffee and lunch on the go. Coco Di Mama also host a whopping 132 delivery kitchens up and down the country, delivering everyone’s pasta fix direct to their door.

Masters of Fast Pasta

Coco Di Mama serve up crowd pleasing hot and cold breakfast and lunch classics, as well as sweet treats and their speciality coffee, but the ‘masters of fast pasta’ live up to their name with their freshly made pasta pots. Whether you’re a meat eater, vegan, or on a special diet, fast pasta has never been so easy with their Pick A Pasta Planner, allowing guests to create and customise their dish, using their online nutritional info calculator. Guests can input the size of their pot, type of pasta, sauce and toppings, and gain instant nutritional and allergen info so they know exactly what they are getting before ordering.

Famous for serving up their coffee to early morning commuters from as early as 6.30AM, when it comes to coffee, Coco Di Mama know what they’re doing. They have their own Coco’s Coffee Academy where they train their baristas to serve up their freshly ground, locally roasted coffee.


It’s not just about fresh food and coffee though. Coco Di Mama are also doing their bit for the environment. Here are just a few of the things they do to help combat climate change:

  • Coffee cups, pasta pots and salad packaging are 100% recyclable.
  • 85% of all packaging lines are either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.
  • Crockery is offered to all customers in-store.
  • There are free refill stations for water and water glasses in stores.
  • They ditched plastic straws in 2018, but they now have new pasta straws which are completely compostable, reducing 125,000 single-use plastic straws each year.
  • 25p discount for all customers using a reusable drinks cup.
  • They sell reusable Keep Cups at not-for-profit prices (Small £9/Large £11) to encourage more customers to move to reusable coffee cups, and each purchase comes with a free coffee.
  • They removed single-use plastic cutlery and replaced with 100% compostable cutlery, reducing 300,000 pieces of single-use plastic each year.

Coco Di Mama also work with long-standing charity partnership with The Felix Project, the UK food charity improving sustainability by rescuing edible food waste and delivering it free of charge to vulnerable people suffering food poverty in London.

Club Coco

We know that guests love rewards, and Coco Di Mama offer exclusive perks, discounts and first access to news and free stuff as part of its loyalty scheme, Club Coco. Being part of the club also means you receive updates on Cook with Coco recipes where you can cook their Italian classics from home. You can also check out all of the Cook with Coco recipes and find out more about Coco Di Mama here.

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