Featuring... Crème

Featuring... Crème


Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? Or do you simply fancy tickling your tastebuds with some sweetness? Then a stop at Crème might just hit the spot! They specialise in cookies, soft-serve ice cream and coffee. But here’s the first thing that makes them stand out: their cookies are really big!

The benefits of combining traditions

Their executive chef, Gabrielle Coste, grew up around flour, butter and sugar; it’s in her blood. No wonder, then, that that she later went on to train in classic French pâtisserie! And not only in France, but also in London, where she learned from the best and perfected her art. Yet it was after travelling to New York that the idea of “putting a French twist on American classics” was born, which materialised in the form of mouth-watering cookies.

They like to keep it simple though (think ‘quality over quantity’), with currently four flavours to choose from: double chocolate, milk chocolate, miso & white chocolate, and banana & dark chocolate. But watch this space… they are working on creating new ones!

They also make a point of using all-natural and local ingredients, baking the cookies in their different shops so they can be served still warm, crunchy on the outside decadently gooey on the inside. Not only is this better for the environment, but it also guarantees a full-flavoured end-product. And if you ever wondered how they manage to get their cookies both dense and crumbly… here’s a little secret: it’s ground almonds! However, if you are allergic to nuts, don’t give up hope: they are working on developing nut-free cookies, as well as a gluten-free varieties.

So, next time you are near a Crème shop, give them a try: an indulgent cookie with a freshly brewed coffee is bound to make you feel good!

Where you can visit

Locations: London and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia (reports in English), as well as Paris (reports in French)

Who can visit: 1 or 2 adults, eating in

Reimbursement: £8.00, 50 SAR or 9.00€

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