Featuring... Daylesford Organic

Featuring... Daylesford Organic


Whether your wanting a luxurious overnight stay, or the ultimate farm shop experience, Daylesford Organic has you covered. Their shops and cafes span throughout London, and various locations in The Cotswolds are home to their gorgeous inns that look like something right out of a storybook. There’s a lot that makes Daylesford Organic special, but at the heart of it all is nature; something they strive to enrich and celebrate in every aspect of what they do.

Bringing nature to London

Daylesford have several shops across London, where you can not only buy fresh produce grown at their organic Cotswolds farm, but you can enjoy some delicious food and drink in their cafes, too. Some locations serve all the way to supper time, and their menu varies with the season, making the most of whatever the harvest for that time period brings. You can also have their treats to takeaway, bringing the farm with you wherever you need to go. Their approach not only brings the slow living feeling to busy city life, but is big on helping the environment. Their farm is organic, which they say is “regenerative and sustainable”, and helps to keep the nutrients of the land healthy as well as growing food packed full of goodness. They are very aware of the ecosystems around their farm, and are constantly working to do good for the environment. They call it their ‘Sustainable Solutions’, which they split into 3 categories; to regenerate, to protect and to inspire. 

From Day to Night

Beginning from October, our Mystery Assessors will also have the chance to undertake Mystery Visits to Daylesford’s Inns. Dotted around the Cotswolds, each of these take on a traditional, cosy yet classy aesthetic, bringing comfort to quality. You’ll not only find the finest food and drink at their inns, but you can slumber in some gorgeous settings, from exposed brick to furniture made from raw elements. At The Wild Rabbit, rooms have names such as The Fox, The Squirrel, and The Deer, and you can find light interiors with wooden beams. At The Maytime Inn, the rooms have equestrian names, honouring what the pub had been known as in times gone by – The Three Horseshoes. The rooms at The Fox inn are inspired by the surrounding countryside, with a wonderfully rural feel. The Bell has been recently renovated, ready to deliver that warm atmosphere to new customers from the beginning of September. These rooms are a nature lover’s dream, and now that Daylesford have begun their overnight stay visits with us, our assessors can experience it for themselves!

Where you can visit

Locations: Overnight stays take place at The Wild Rabbit, The Maytime Inn, The Fox, and The Bell. Daylesford garden shops and cafes are found across London.

Who can visit: These visits are for 2 adults. (Takeaway audits can be done as 1 adult.)

Reimbursement: £50 in cafe, £10 in shop (Marylebone £30 in cafe, £10 in shop). Overnight stays coming soon, follow our socials to see when these are launched!

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