Featuring... Dunkin

Featuring... Dunkin


Dunkin is known for both its donuts and its great selection of drinks. It’s easy to identify the donut shop as an American brand, and its first store opened in the 1950s all the way over in Quincy, Massachusetts, before it grew across the United States. Although there had been a couple of attempts to breakout into the UK, their big opening over here was in 2013 in Harrow, London. But it doesn’t just stop there – Dunkin serves over 4.5 millions customers every day, in 38 counties! And with the store announcing earlier this year that they plan to double their UK estate in the next two years, that number is sure to rise.

A treat for the eyes and tastebuds

One thing our assessors particularly enjoy about these visits is the creativity Dunkin displays with its wide array of donuts. The flavours themselves are vastly varied – from several different kinds of chocolate, to fruity inspired donuts, and the classic glazed, there’s something for everyone on the Dunkin counter. They also love to play with seasonal flavours, which for this time of year includes Maple Chocolate and Ginger Cookie, and their seasonal inspired designs are on another level! Right now, they have some beloved Christmas characters frosted onto donuts, along with a starry night sky and a wreath. And those are just the festive ones!

However, their creativity doesn’t stop there. Donuts may be what we first think of when it comes to Dunkin, but their drinks also deserve a huge shout out, with fun twists like Candy Cane Chocolate and Ginger Cookie Latte currently on the menu board. There’s a lot on offer, and with deals such as the £2 morning coffee or the current 12 donuts for £15, our assessors have found they can be great value for money.

Where You Can Visit

Locations: Various locations across London, Nottingham, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Leicester, Worksop, Doncaster, Hull, Liverpool, Bradford, Manchester, Mansfield, Rochdale, Wigan, Barnsley, Liverpool, Preston, and Bury.

Who can visit: 1 or 2 adults

Reimbursement: Up to £10

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