Featuring... Flat Iron

Featuring... Flat Iron


Steak is easily one of our most loved meals, but it is also often associated with being expensive, and eaten only as a real treat. At Flat Iron, they have one mission – to make steak more accessible. This is achieved for them by researching different cuts of steak and finding that lesser known secondary cuts of good beef could create an exceptional steak, while remaining affordable. The founder of Flat Iron, Charlie Carroll, is very passionate about this, saying that the roots of the restaurant are “remarkable steak, accessible to all, passionate people and love”.

The whole meal

It doesn’t just stop and good steak, though. The menu boasts a lot of unique twists, from the creamy bone marrow mash, to the truffled macaroni cheese, ensuring that diners at the restaurant are treated to a whole palette of taste. And to top it all off, diners at the restaurant receive cleaver shaped token at the end of their meal, which can be redeemed for free ice cream on their way out! It’s clear that Flat Iron’s passion extends to the enjoyment of the whole experience, and with that, cares a lot about the people involved.

A valued customer and a valued team

One of the goals of the Flat Iron team is to treat diners like an old friend, ensuring they feel not only looked after, but comfortable and able to talk to the wait staff with ease. It isn’t just customers of the restaurant who receive this great treatment, either – Flat Iron has been voted one of the UK’s Top 100 Best Companies to work for three years in a row, valuing the employee’s wellbeing just as much as the customers. The warmth of the team, combined with the passion for good and accessible steak, create the brilliant outcome that steak-lovers get to enjoy today.


Locations: Flat Iron have several sites, all across London

Who can visit: 2 adults

Reimbursement: Max £17.50 per person

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