Featuring... Frog Pubs

Featuring... Frog Pubs


If you find yourself in Paris and fancy teasing your taste buds with something British, it’s worth paying a visit to one of the eight Frog Pubs scattered around the city. Or, if you’re travelling through France, you might want to stop for a meal at their pub in Bordeaux or Toulouse! Not only will you find traditional pub fare, including a wide selection of burgers, but also various cocktails and an exciting choice of beers ranging from lager to stout, IPA, bitter – there’s something for each palate.

A touch of creative brewing

Did you know? They actually brew their own beer! It all started in 1993 with a tiny brew kit in the cellar of the Frog & Rosbif, located Rue St Denis in the centre of Paris. Today, although Frog Pubs now have their very own production brewery situated just north of central Paris in the town of Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, they continue to brew their beer on site in six of their pubs – straight from the tank to your table. And here are a few numbers: across their seven breweries, 37 brewers make 12,000 hectolitres of beer a year from a range of nearly 40 recipes!

Depending on the time of year, you might come across a special brew on the menu… Prepare yourself to be surprised because with these Frogs, it seems there are no limits when it comes to creativity! Try their pumpkin ale ‘Bewitched’ around Halloween, their winter ale ‘Polar Beer’ during the festive season, or their hazy IPA ‘Summer Lovin’ in, well, you’ve guessed it… summer! Guaranteed you will find something to suit you, whatever the time of day – or night. And their friendly, knowledgeable staff will be able to guide you in your choices, too!

Where to visit

Locations: all eight pubs are within the city of Paris

Who can visit: 1 or 2 adults


  • brunch (for the morning after), up to 45 euros
  • lunch (a treat on your weekday lunchbreak), up to 25 euros
  • happy hour (to round off your working day), up to 30 euros
  • dinner (perhaps to invite that special someone), up to 60 euros
  • late night drinks (for a delicious nightcap in good company), up to 20 euros
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