Featuring... Jefferson's

Featuring... Jefferson's

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Jefferson’s is a heart-felt, high quality ice cream shop, based in two different locations within South London. The founders not only have a clear connection to their home in London, but are also passionate about creating delicious ice cream recipes in a positive, encouraging environment. With a wide array of ice cream flavours, to delectable desserts, to drinks to suit any palette, it’s no wonder Jefferson’s is a popular hit among our mystery guests.


Another thing that stands out within the mystery visits conducted with us is the warmth in customer service at Jefferson’s. They are committed to an environment that allows their team to feel safe and happy, and encourages them to develop and thrive. It’s easy to see the benefits of holding these principles as key, generally creating a high standard of service that exudes warmth. Their ice cream shops also endeavour to be family friendly, which doesn’t just end at a menu tailored to children – they do what they can to make things easier and more enjoyable for the kids, including a sandpit in the garden! One of Jefferson’s core values is for their tasty treats to be served in a delightful environment, created by both the design of the business and the customer service. This is a value we are proud to be a part of upholding at HGEM!

Embracing London, helping the World

The founders of Jefferson’s have a lot of love for London, and it shows in every part of their business. From the team that work in the shops, to those they have hired to help with website design and their social media, they look to source staff locally. They have also partnered with suppliers based in their city, both for their dairy and their coffee, which in turn has helped them to keep their carbon footprint lower.

This isn’t their only way of playing their part for the environment – after realising a lot of coffee shops use cups that either cannot be recycled, or have to be recycled by being taken to a specialist plant, they put the work in to find a cup that would really make a difference. Thanks to this, their coffee cups are both recycled and recyclable, and can be disposed of in any standard recycling bin. As well as this, they offer a discount for customers bringing their own cups, have alternatives to plastic straws, and use recyclable paper bags. It’s clear they have put a lot of work in to reduce their impact environmentally, and they strive to continue finding ways to be as green as they can.


Jefferson’s have two locations, both in South London:

Locations: Balham & Brixton

Who can visit: Up to 2 adults, depending on the type of visit.

Reimbursement: Up to £15

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