Featuring... Loungers

Featuring... Loungers

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With Loungers having just celebrated its 20th anniversary, it was only right that we feature them in our blog this month. Having opened their 200th site this summer, it's certainly been a big year for them, with their two complimentary brands, Lounge and Cosy Club. Let's explore their story and how they're taking the UK by storm.


The Founders - three best friends – had a vision to open a local café-bar in HGEM’s neighbouring city of Bristol. With a distinct focus on all-day dining, the first Lounge was born and continues to operate by successfully combining elements of a restaurant, British pub and coffee shop culture. Famous for its quirky interiors, combined with a warm and relaxed atmosphere, the brand is often described as a home-from-home.

Something else you may have noticed about the Lounges, is that they are always situated within a small town, or city suburb, meaning they aren't in direct competition with large chain restaurants. Each site may look similar, but no-two are the same. With a big focus on community, each have their own social media presence and staff are encouraged to get involved in community projects. The individual naming of each lounge is even based on the local area.

Lounges pride themselves on appealing to a diverse range of guests, regardless of age, demographic, or gender. Whether it’s for a quick morning coffee, a catch-up cocktail with friends, or for a casual meal, according to Loungers, 90% of their customers, visit for multiple occasions. With their all-day menu concept, you can even eat a fry-up at 10pm if you want to! They really have hit the nail on the head when it comes to versatility, and their loyal customer base demonstrates that.

Cosy Club

Cosy Club was born 8 years after the opening of the first Lounge, when a beautiful building in Taunton became available. Different to Lounge, Cosy Club venues are typically situated in city centres or large market towns and offer a more formal bar/restaurant vibe, including a reservation and table service.

With an all-day menu and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, during the day, customers treat Cosy Club much like a Lounge. In the evenings however, they are more popular for celebrations and larger table bookings. Their interiors don’t make it hard to see why – still quirky and vintage in style, much like Lounge, but on a more theatrical scale. Some restaurants offer elegant high ceilings or are on first floors, providing a much grander environment compared to a Lounge where you can casually roll in off the street.

Where can you visit?

With your help, we are proud to continue to support Lounge and Cosy Club with their guest experience.

We have multiple visits available up and down the UK for eat-in visits over lunch and dinner. The majority of visits are for 2 adults however with some you can take up to 4 children. Reimbursement rates vary but are up to £60.

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