Featuring... Nando's

Featuring... Nando's

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Nando’s is one of the most well-known chicken restaurants in the UK. With their varying spice levels and famous PERi-PERi sauce, which got popular enough to be bought in shops, they are certainly a brand with character and big ideas. Originating in South Africa and combining Portuguese and British culture, Nando’s menu has an exciting and diverse offering – and it doesn’t end at chicken!

Behind the PERi PERi

Nando’s sauce is one we’ve all come to know the name of, over the years – but what isn’t as well known are the many hands behind it. The chicken restaurant uses small-scale farmers from Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa to source their chillies, buying the crops at a price that’s not only fair, but is determined before the season even starts, giving the farmers more security. It seems they have a passion not only for the flavour, but for the whole experience of their PERi PERi, giving it all the more reason to be something to shout about.

Working For A Cleaner World

Since 2015, Nando’s have reduced their carbon footprint by 40% - and plan to make it net zero by 2030. They seem to have a huge awareness of this as a company, but sustainability doesn’t stop there for them – they are also a supporter of the Kariba Forest Project in Zimbabwe, which focuses on reducing deforestation and improving the wellbeing of over 37,000 people through better nutrition, healthcare and clean water, and Wonderbag’s clean cooking project in South Africa, which has the goal of reducing the fuel needed for cooking by 70%. Nando’s may be well known for its chicken, but there’s even more wonderful things happening behind the scenes.

Where you can visit

Locations: With over 400 branches, we have visits all over the UK and ROI.

Who can visit: 2 adults, plus up to 2 children.

Reimbursement: Up to £35/€40

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