Featuring... Pizza Express

Featuring... Pizza Express


As far as big pizza restaurants go, Pizza Express is one of the most recognisable in the UK. Their menu caters for a wide variety of tastes and dietary requirements, and their dough balls are iconic at this point! And there’s even more to these beloved restaurants than meets the eye.

A Pizza Passion Project

Pizza Express came about in 1965, thanks to a man named Peter Boizot. He knew that pizza in the UK could be so much better than it was, and after shipping an authentic pizza oven from Italy over, he opened the doors to his first restaurant in Soho. Since then, hundreds of restaurants have opened up, including 80 sites internationally, and they’re one of the few restaurants to have a successful cook at home range! There’s a lot to be said for the selection at Pizza Express – the ‘classic’ and ‘romana’ bases already cater well for people looking for either a smaller bite, or a thinner but bigger pizza – and the ‘leggara’ is an even lighter option, leaving a hole in the middle of the base which is then filled with salad! As well as well-loved food, the restaurant has developed a very particular style, which is another reflection on something the founder loved – art! But the Pizza Express experience doesn’t stop at dining.

With a side of Jazz

The founder of Pizza Express wasn’t just passionate about pizza – he was also a big lover of jazz, and the folks at Pizza Express have endeavoured to carry that love throughout their journey. This has taken the restaurants beyond just serving food – you’ll find some of the London locations holding concerts, with a variety of musicians gracing the Pizza Express stage. Last year, they even started their own record label – PX Records! The label aims to release music from both new and established talents, as well as releasing live recordings. The musicians within the label range from jazz singers, soul groups, and genre-blurring producers.

Where you can visit

Locations: All over the UK and Ireland, as well as some international sites!

Who can visit: 2 adults

Reimbursement: Up to £40

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