Featuring... Pret

Featuring... Pret

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Having worked with Pret since 2017, we’ve gotten to know their values and their product well. With a focus on fresh food and warm customer service, it’s no wonder there are so many sites dotted all over the UK and further. Their wide range of food and drink can take you through from breakfast to dinner, with top quality baguettes, hot croissants, toasties, macaroni cheeses, bakery goods, and much more. With their rewarding “Pret Perks”, and their coffee subscription recently evolving to encompass 10% off their entire menu, they’re always working to improve their value for money, too.

Something For Everyone

While the name is noticeably French, meaning “Ready to Eat”, the products on offer transcend one type of cuisine. From the Vegan Chilli Salad Wrap, to Korean Style Chicken Salad, the Italian Bloomer and the good old fashioned tomato soup (fondly named “Souper Tomato”), it’s easy to find something for everyone at Pret. On top of this, they’re also committed to vegan and veggie options, and even put twists on their own classics to make the Meatless Meatball Wrap and the vegan Chilli Enchilada.

A Positive Impact

Pret opened in 1986, and have since grown exponentially, crossing continents and opening over 400 stores in the UK alone. With this wide spread, they have devoted themselves to many different causes, helping both local people and people are over the world. Under The Pret Foundation, the tackle hunger, poverty, and homelessness worldwide, from taking surplus food to shelters, to their Rising Stars programme that helps people in tough positions to find, and keep, employment. They also launched a Ukraine Employment Programme last year, which has placed over 200 people within Pret’s ranks and also offers financial and mental health support.

Where can you visit?

Locations: With over 400 locations, we have visits in the UK, France, Germany, and Dublin

Who can visit: No limit, but best suited to one adult.

Reimbursement: Up to £8

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