Featuring... Snowflake Gelato

Featuring... Snowflake Gelato


It’s that time of year where the ice cream and gelato urges are stronger than ever, and with shops like Snowflake Gelato serving award winning frozen treats, it feels impossible to resist! Snowflake Gelato’s name not only reflects the chilled temperature of their delicacies, but the uniqueness of their offering, too. Their gelato is made by hand, the traditional Italian way, and their ingredients are meticulously sourced. From the nuts grown in the Italian mountainsides, to the berries handpicked in Kent, to the milk from a family farm in Somerset! These ingredients make up their delightful menu, offering something for everyone. 

Award winning flavours

Snowflake Gelato graced our dessert lover’s streets in 2012, founded by Asad and gelato chef Paolo. Together, they wanted to create gelato of the highest quality, handmade with love. Now, not only do they have several shops selling delicious gelato, but their flavours are award winning – from the fruity Blood Orange, to the intense Dark Chocolate, and the playful Sea Salted Caramel. And that’s only a few of their award winners! Their menu doesn’t stop at ice cream, either. From waffles and sundaes, to their chocaffogato and gelato stix, you won’t be able to get enough of what the shop has to offer.


Location: Marble Arch, South Kensington, The O2, The Trafford Centre, Westfield London

Who can visit: 1 or 2 adults

Reimbursement: £10 per person for takeaway visits, £15 per person for eat-in visits

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