Featuring... Tattu

Featuring... Tattu

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Chinese restaurants are always a big favourite of ours, but Tattu brings something very unique to the table.

Founded in 2015 by two brothers, the concept behind the restaurant was to bring something different to the food scene in the UK. They didn’t want to just offer something good – they wanted to give diners something beautiful and awe inspiring, in a way that would leave a mark.

Whether you’d like your drink served from a smoking skull, or your dessert in the form of a cherry blossom tree, Tattu’s offerings blend art and food together in an unforgettable way. They pride themselves on Contemporary Chinese Cuisine, which they say means “fusing traditional flavours with modern cooking techniques”.

Tattu blends its roots into its restaurants with creativity and passion, and just recently, they ran A Winter Romance – using the 5 Languages of Love to inspire 5 different events at their restaurants. From promotions, to Lunar New Years Eve celebrations, to drinks inspired by roses, Tattu’s heart is evident in everything they do.

But it’s not just their outstanding presentation and seasonal events that sets them apart – Tattu is all about the experience.

Five locations, five journeys

Each site is beautiful in its own way, and made all the more special by each having their own theme.

Manchester is the first site that was opened, and the theme is A Journey of Body Art, which you’ll find reflected in the tattoo inspired art on the walls.

In Leeds, you’ll find the blossom turn white, in honour of the Yorkshire Rose.

Birmingham boasts A Yin Yang Experience, using the unique interior that used to be the Grand Hotel’s basement to marry light and dark together, the yin & yang way.

In Edinburgh, they celebrate traditional meeting contemporary, which is both Tattu’s approach to their food, and inspired by the way the city itself merges history with modern.

London’s site is inspired by the Traditional Chinese Courtyard House, described as an Elevated Dining Experience.

Where can you visit?

All the above five locations are all available with us for mystery guest experiences.

Location: Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and London.

Who can visit: 2 adults

Reimbursements: For dinner visits, up to £200 for Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, and £270 for London.

For drinks visits, up to £60.

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