Featuring... Travelodge

Featuring... Travelodge


With nearly 600 hotels so far, Travelodge is one of the UK and Ireland’s most well known budget hotels – and even opened it’s 6th Spanish site last year. They receive over 22 million guests yearly, and 90% of their hotels are rated as 4* or above on TripAdvisor, so it’s easy to see how popular they are – and with plans to open another 300 sites this year alone, there’ll be even more opportunity to see what makes a Travelodge so great!

The Brilliant Base

The people at Travelodge know that sometimes, you just need a base – somewhere you can get a get ready for your day, good night’s sleep, and have something to eat (whether that’s dinner or breakfast). Whether you’re travelling for a concert, away on a business trip, or visiting a new city with loved ones, Travelodge has all the necessities covered. You can be sure that you’ll be well looked after by the friendly team in a clean, working, well-looked-after environment – and at a budget-friendly price! Location and date are big factors to Travelodge’s pricing, but saver rates paid in advance could even get you a room for £35 or less. On top of this, they have meal deals for dinner and breakfast that allows kids to eat free, so your trip away can be as budget-friendly as can be!

Caring for the future

As a business growing their already substantial location-base, Travelodge are aware of the impact they have on the environment and their culture as a business. They have already reached out to a number of suppliers to assess their sustainability, and plan to continue these discussions across more of their suppliers, aiming to have a base of suppliers all working towards a better future by 2025. As well as this, they’ve put in work to reduce their water usage, and improve the recycling at their hotels.

It isn’t just the environment they’re focused on. With over 13,000 employees, Travelodge acknowledge the importance of diversity, and are working to improve this. Currently, 63% of their managers identify as female, and around 67% of their workforce identify as white. They are committed to putting the work in to champion diversity, and have action plans in place to address this throughout 2024 and 2025. They also have a development plan they call Aspire, helping their employees to progress their careers and achieve a qualification. After partnering with Disability Positive, there is a lot more awareness in their training of staff and the equipment they use, as well as holding research groups for customers in order to learn first-hand how they can improve their stays.

Where you can visit

Locations: 200 locations for Bar Cafes visits, and 500 locations for hotel visits across the UK.

Who can visit: 1 or 2 adults.

Reimbursement: For Bar Café visits- £150 for your room, and a maximum of £40 to cover breakfast, dinner and drinks for 1 adult. You will also have £3 towards the WiFi.

For Hotel visits - up to £150 for a family room and a maximum of £3 for WiFi for 1 adult. On site parking will be reimbursed. Maximum £11 for breakfast.

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