Featuring... Wasabi

Featuring... Wasabi

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Wasabi was born in 2003 with its first site in London, providing sandwich lovers with a lunchtime alternative, in the form of fresh and healthy Japanese food. What makes Wasabi truly unique, is that it was the first outlet the UK to sell individually wrapped pieces of sushi, giving customers the chance to try out lots of different flavours and discover a wide range of Japanese cuisine.

Today, Wasabi have made a name for themselves as a modern and contemporary convenience store, serving up sushi, bento and soups. They have grown to have over 40 sites - based mostly in London but also in Birmingham, Cambridge, Kent, Leeds, and Oxford.


Wasabi produce all of their products in their kitchens daily, so you’re only getting the freshest of food. That does mean they are often left with a surplus at the end of the day, so to help fight food waste, they work with popular food waste app, Too Good To Go, which allows customers to purchase a Wasabi ‘magic bag’ made up of leftover food, to be enjoyed instead of wasted.

With sustainability being important to the brand, they are also developing a supply chain to process 100% of the recyclable and compostable waste identified in their shops and central production unit, as well as eliminating all non-recyclable laminated cards. They also want to make 90% of their packaging reusable, widely recyclable, or home compostable by the end of 2024.

Wasabi at Home

You may have spotted Wasabi in your local supermarket – from lunch bowls to ready meals and sides, they have a large range of customer favourites available at Tesco and Sainsburys, meaning you can enjoy wasabi at a fraction of the price and from the comfort of your sofa.


With your help, we are proud to continue to support Wasabi with their guest experience. Why not treat yourself and a friend to a visit, on us?

Locations: Choose from 43 restaurants across London and the UK

Who can visit: 1-2 adults

Reimbursements: Up to £12.50

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