Featuring... Yo! Sushi

Featuring... Yo! Sushi

Yo sushi

Looking for a tasty Japanese feast? Look no further! Yo! Sushi prides itself on fresh, flavoursome, authentic Japanese food. If you’re a sushi lover, you’ll find plenty of variety at one of Yo! Sushi’s restaurants, where the dishes are always served the day they’re made – and with their open kitchens, you may even get to see your food being prepared! And that isn’t where the flavour journey begins and ends – Yo! Sushi always ensures that the fish used in their dishes is sustainably sourced. Always making sure to work with suppliers that are committed to animal welfare. Their Atlantic salmon, in particular, is one of the highest quality farmed salmon on the market, and can be traced directly back to the source. Even their special vegetarian Miso is made in Nagano Japan, exclusively for Yo! Sushi, and they use the number one Japanese brand of soy sauce. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how devoted they are to ingredients and suppliers of the highest quality. Their commitment to authenticity and flavour is loud and proud  – and it doesn’t just stop at sushi! 

A menu for all

While Sushi is in the name, there’s a lot more to this well-loved restaurant. There’s a range of hot dishes, from katsu curry to yakisoba and more – and if you have a sweet tooth, Yo! Sushi have you covered there, too! With plenty of different mochi flavours to choose from, as well as the custard filled dorayaki pancakes, you can have a fulfilling meal from start to finish. And with a third of the menu being vegetarian or plant based, there’s even plenty of options for those meatless and fishless folk! While some dishes are cooked to order, you’ll also find options on the 'kaiten' conveyor belt, where the dishes are colour coded depending on their price point. This means that you can enjoy the experience of the conveyor belt and keep track of your spending, too!

Where you can visit

Location: Several locations across the UK

Who can visit: 1 or 2 adults

Reimbursement: Up to £25

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