HGEM Halloween Creations

HGEM Halloween Creations

Halloween has something for everyone – whether you like the cutesy cartoony vibe, or you’re a full on horror fan, there’s a lot of fun to be had. We’re a crafty bunch at HGEM, and from pumpkin patches to bakes that look scarily like fingers and teeth, there’s truly a range among us. So if you’re looking for inspiration, or just enjoy all things Halloween, we’ve got you covered!

Pumpkin Pals

Carving pumpkins is truly a good old fashioned way to get into the spooky spirit, but we’ve even had people on the team grow them from scratch in their allotments, as well as visiting pumpkin patches with family and friends. One of our colleagues goes out every year to pick a pumpkin (or several!). It’s always been a tradition with her and her siblings, but the trips have gotten bigger and bigger over the years with their growing family!

Anna graz

And of course, once the pumpkins have been plucked, the carving can begin! If you’re looking for ideas, our team and their friends and family have had a lot of fun with getting creative with their carvings. From the classic grin, to beloved characters, to Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ – have a look below for some great ideas!

Pumpkins 3
Pumpkins 4
Pumpkins 2

Spooky Bakes

Pumpkins can’t take all the credit, though. There’s endless potential for Halloween-themed bakes, whether you want something big and fun, or small yet showstopping. One of our colleagues decorated a Victoria sponge to look like a spider, creating cake pops for the eyes and smaller spiders, and using matchmakers for the legs!


We also have some fun cupcake designs, from zombie and witch faces, to spider webs and eyeballs! These would be great to bake alone, or if you want to do some decorating with some friends for a fun Halloween activity.

Dave cupcakes

And if you want to get really spooky, someone on the team made some scarily realistic bakes that look like body parts. Perhaps not for the faint of heart, but a great way to go about it if you want to give your friends a trick and treat!

Allison bakes

Creepy Crafts

If you’d rather avoid putting your creative energy into food, some of our team have made some wonderful crafts, too! If you’re thinking about Halloween accessories, perhaps you could try something like this headband with pom pom pumpkins!

Jess hairband

Or if you’re looking to do make the space ready for the spooky season, one of our colleagues who works in a charity shop got involved with making some pumpkins, a Halloweeny garland, and a Happy Halloween sign in front of some painted gravestones, with a spiderweb above! Take a look for some decoration inspiration.


She also made these monster bookmarks, which are a perfect idea for any crafty book lovers!


There’s a lot of fun to be had around this time of year, and hopefully we’ve inspired you to get making in whichever way takes your fancy! Happy Halloween from everyone at HGEM!

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