Meet the Team - Benedicte Adriaens

Meet the Team - Benedicte Adriaens

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If you ever do any French visits, there’s a good chance Benedicte will be the one to look at your report. She started with us back in 2018, and as well as helping the team with all the usual responsibilities, she looks after everything French! This includes validating French reports, monitoring fulfilment of French visits, recruiting French assessors, and liaising with our current French assessors. She also works with marketing to develop the French website and newsletter, translating material for both and making sure it’s relevant for the readers!

When it comes to dining out or eating at home, Benedicte finds it depends on her mood. As someone who has been curious about new flavours and new foods ever since she was a kid, she can be adventurous when going out to restaurants. She loves discovering new cultures and new cuisines, but also likes to be experimental in the kitchen, and gets to test all her new dishes on her partner (she hasn’t poisoned him yet!). Still, she loves the luxury when it’s all done for you, and all you need to do is tuck your feet under the table and relax. Although she enjoys food from all over the world, especially if it’s spicy, her favourite types of cuisine are Thai and Japanese.

Outside of work, Benedicte is a writer! She likes to work on short stories and poetry, some of which can be found in anthologies and magazines. She also writes the occasional nonfiction piece. Her writing often mixes up genres, but has a tendency to be dystopia, and she says that she has always been interested in mythology and ancient traditions, so there’s usually a fantastical element, too. As well as writing, Benedicte enjoys being on the road – her partner has a motorbike, so they’re often out for rides. They used to go out in any weather, but they’ve found themselves checking the forecast more, now – cold and damp getting to your bones is much less fun! She likes to travel if she can, but lately has been mainly travelling around the UK, which she can fit in better on the weekends so that makes it easier.

Benedicte says that she really enjoys reading our assessor’s reports for “high end” venues. They’re often very detailed and have great photos, but above everything, they show us meals and restaurants we may never get to see ourselves! She often finds herself thinking ‘oh, and I’d love try that’ before remembering what the price would be! It also makes her happy seeing French people discover English beers thanks to our Wells & Co and Frog Pubs visits, and loves seeing people get to try and like it. In general, Benedicte just really likes when you can actually see our Mystery Visits having a positive impact, watching in real time as our clients take on the feedback given to us by our assessors, and improving off the back of it. It’s fulfilling and fun, and Benedicte loves being a part of something that’s doing that!

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