Mystery Guests on customer service

Mystery Guests on customer service

Outstanding customer service

Lots of hospitality venues consistently provide good service, but may struggle to hit that A+ mark, as outstanding service is often subjective to individual guests.

In order to help us pinpoint the exact steps team members have to perform in order to achieve excellence, we asked a number of you, our Mystery Guests on the subject. Here’s what you had to say on outstanding service.

What makes a server stand out and would prompt a nomination as outstanding?

  • The staff member to create a memorable experience.
  • For them to make an effort to engage with a customer beyond usual small talk e.g., asking about their plans or noticing a potential hobby.
  • To show a level of energy beyond that of ‘going through the motions’ e.g., “more smiley and chattier” or showing joy in their job.
  • Offering a gesture of good will when there has been a problem.
  • Offering an item on the house unexpectedly.
  • To take time out of their job to help with a query/complaint.
  • To show attentiveness to the transaction e.g., noticing a purchase of a hot item that could spill and reminding the customer “to be careful with it”.
  • To appear genuine through tone of voice and body language/smiling.

What actions impact the experience negatively?

  • Just ‘going through the motions’.
  • Being preoccupied by getting to the next customer.
  • Being dismissive of feedback/complaints.
  • A lack of engagement e.g., a genuine greeting, parting comment or polite conversation
  • A lack of enthusiasm during the transaction or disingenuous enthusiasm.
  • Not treating each customer as individual.

What takes an experience from ‘good’ to 'excellent'?

  • For something memorable to happen that could be talked about.
  • Staff going the extra mile (not necessarily with them but with other customers as well).
  • Receiving genuinely warm service with some polite conversation.
  • The energy of the team.
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