Pret Updates

Pret Updates

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We’ve got exciting updates for you about one of our long-standing and much-loved brands - Pret.

Shorter questionnaires

That’s right! We’ve made the questionnaires much shorter and simpler. So, if you haven’t done a Pret visit in a while, why not give it a go? For those of you who love Pret visits, why not double up now that reports take half the time?

Check out the feedback we’ve had on the new questionnaire so far…

“As far as I’m concerned, I found the questionnaire so much easier, which made reporting on the visit so much more pleasant than before. It used to take me nearly 1 hour to complete the old questionnaire, whereas the new one takes about 10 minutes, and all the important information remains present. I love it!”

“The fact that now several aspects are grouped in the same question means it’s easier to avoid repetitions and allows me to provide a global picture of the experience in a single answer, then go into more detail in the comments field.”

Bigger reimbursements

For UK diners, reimbursement has gone from £7 to £8 and for French diners, it’s gone from €9 to €10. Enjoy more of your favourite Pret food and hot drinks for half the work.

Going global

In addition to France, we are now recruiting international diners in Dubai and New York. Know anyone in these locations? Ask them to sign up at

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