The lowdown on HGEM Go

The lowdown on HGEM Go


Have you heard the news yet? It’s live! Our brand new app, HGEM Go is available to download for both Android and iPhone. That’s right, the mystery dining process just got a whole lot easier. We recently interviewed one of the first mystery guests to sign up to the app and they gave us the lowdown on the benefits, compared to using the regular portal.

So, what are the main benefits to using the app compared to the portal?

“It’s just so much easier and quicker. I love not having to login to my laptop or navigate the browser on my phone! Because it’s just there ready to use, I have been browsing, booking and even completing reports on my work commute and generally when out and about. It’s really important to me that I complete reports to a high standard so that I can continue to be eligible for the best visits – this can of course take up time, so being able to complete reports on the move really helps when managing my time.”

“I can even upload photos and receipts straight from my camera roll which is so much easier than having to email them to myself. I haven’t used the record call function yet but have had issues with recording apps in the past so the fact the app itself has this functionality will be so useful for future visits.”

What’s your favourite thing about the app?

“The fact that I can use my phone’s location, no matter where I am, to browse for nearby visits and pick one up last minute. It just means that I can do it on the move rather than having to plan where I’m heading in advance and select a new location in the portal. I can literally see on the map how far away they are. It’s an absolute game changer.

“You can even filter visits by location, date or recently added – which means I’m less likely to miss out when a new one gets released. I really like that you can view visits in a list or on the map too because if it’s a last-minute visit or in a new area, I like to see it on a map, but if it’s a regular location for me, I prefer seeing my options in a list format.”

How would you compare the app and the portal?

“Yes, I was a little worried at first that the app might be a bit too tech savvy for me but it’s super easy and intuitive and all of the important existing info is there. For example, you can still view the brief and questionnaire on the app, so I still feel very prepared and confident that I know what is required of me.”

“My profile looks much the same – you can still view your visit history and booked visits in your calendar, as well as keep an eye on your status and points. In terms of completing reports, you can still type and save as you go. You can reschedule and cancel visits as before too.”

So, if you’re yet to download, don’t worry, the portal isn’t going anywhere. But stay tuned because we have future plans for our app including new features such as notifications and the ability to filter by experience type e.g. dine, drink, event. We will keep you up to date when these new features will be available - until then, you can download the app here. Happy dining!

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