Why become a Mystery Guest right now?

Why become a Mystery Guest right now?

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We know that mystery dining goes far beyond a free meal, and we discussed everything that goes into being an HGEM Mystery Guest when we interviewed a long-standing diner to find out what it takes to become a platinum diner and reap those rewards – check it out here.

With the pandemic and the pause this has had on our industry, as well as our committed mystery guests, we wanted to interview one of our latest diners, who has signed up with us during pandemic times, to find out about their experience with us and to encourage new guests to come and join the mystery dining team, as the hospitality industry begins to open back up.

How did you find out about us?

“I lost my job last year when the pandemic hit so I was looking for a new job but also ways to save money. I came across one of your adverts on Jooble.com stating that I could eat out for free upon completing a report about my experience. It almost sounded too good to be true but I applied and once I had received my designated profile and diner ID, I could see that despite the industry being on its knees, there were a few takeaway visits available in my area.”

What really clinched it for you when you decided to sign up?

Well, one thing I didn’t want to have to forgo at the start of the pandemic was takeaways, especially when there wasn’t much else to do. Becoming a mystery guest meant that I didn’t have to, so I was so pleased about that! It also gave me a bit more purpose as it felt really positive to know that I was helping businesses and individuals who had also been impacted by the pandemic, supporting them in new operations and getting their experience right.”

What would you say to anyone thinking about signing up with us?

“Go for it. Especially now that so many of us are working from home, it means that you’ve got even more time to complete reports (which don’t take that long once you’ve got used to it!). If you feel a little daunted about heading into a venue, then you can always start with takeaways and phone call assessments. It’s a great time to join and help the industry as businesses navigate their new normal with safety measures and outdoor dining.”

“What I love about being a mystery guest is that you can dine almost anywhere, so when we are able to travel, I can eat for free in airports, Europe, and beyond. I also can’t wait to head into local venues and help hospitality get back on its feet!”

Sound good? If you enjoy eating out, writing and leaving reviews, feel passionate about customer service and the hospitality industry, sign up to become a mystery guest

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