Do We Prefer Classic or Luxury Cinemas?

Do We Prefer Classic or Luxury Cinemas?

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The cinema experience is something that is ever evolving. From drive-in cinemas, to the addition of live concerts and plays, there have been a lot of innovative additions to what we’ve usually come to expect. Over the past few years, we’ve also seen a rise of the luxury cinema experience, where customers can relax on plush sofas and enjoy a nice pizza with a glass of wine while watching the latest release. But from the classic popcorn and fold down seat experience to the glossier luxury experience, which one do we generally prefer?

Classic VS Luxury

On asking the team at HGEM, there were some great points either way. One element that came up the most was money – objectively, classic cinemas such as Odeon and Showcase will be cheaper than luxury cinemas such as Everyman and Tivoli. This might make it seem like the value for money is better at classic ones, with some people pointing out that even at this level, the cinema isn’t cheap. However, the majority agreed that since going to the cinema is already expensive as it is, they prefer to do this within a luxury setting, making it more of a treat and just going less often. It feels a lot more special, and you are almost guaranteed to be a lot more comfortable and experience less interruptions, since others who have gone will also be paying for that touch of luxury. The value for money extends further, as from the start to the end, the staff are more involved and generally more interested in ensuring your time as a whole is effortless. The snacks on offer feel much more unique, and if you fancy a meal, you can have it with you in the screen, where staff even take your orders during the trailers. Even the décor adds to the value for money, with these cinemas often making more of an effort with their interior design.

But of course, money isn’t everything. Those who preferred the classic experience mentioned they liked how it was more chilled, whereas they might feel the need to dress up or act a certain way in a luxury cinema. For this reason, they find it more relaxed. Those who opt for the luxury cinema either didn’t find this to be an issue, feeling just as relaxed in the luxury atmosphere, or enjoy it for that very reason – it becomes more of an event that way. There is also the appeal that luxury cinemas are often better looked after, free of sticky floors and popcorn stuck on chairs. With a more customer focused service approach, these types of cinemas can leave us feeling pampered and refreshed, having truly been able to find an effortless escape.

The Verdict

With 58% of the responses leaning to luxury, it seems we are certainly starting to favour quality over price when it comes to the cinema. These luxurious cinemas are certainly appealing for a special occasion, but can also make any other night feel special, too. Classic cinemas will always have the sway of being cheaper in price, but they may have to start looking at their own value for money appeal if they want to keep up with luxury brands.

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