Featuring... Turtle Bay

Featuring... Turtle Bay

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Turtle Bay

It’s always nice to learn that the brands we work with were born out of authenticity and passion, and Turtle Bay are no exception. For the founder, Ajith, it all started in Barbados whilst in search of an authentic Caribbean place to eat. He stumbled upon a surfside bar where the barman was not only mixing drinks, but mixing with the guests. After making lots of friends, indulging in freshly made local dishes and even fresher rum cocktails, the amazing night had flown by.

Ajith was so inspired that he wanted to bring good Caribbean times to the UK, where guests enjoy cocktails, rum, bar snacks, more rum, games of dominoes – and most importantly, the friendliest service. Turtle Bay was born in 2010 and now has 47 restaurants (with more coming soon) across the UK.

Upon entering a Turtle Bay, you’ll spot an island bar in the middle of each restaurant, recreating that beach shack feel, and with a Caribbean feast, plus reggae beats in the background, you really will feel transported to a Caribbean Island. Find out more about the history, culture and cuisine of the Caribbean here.

Championing diversity

Turtle Bay is aware that there is currently an under representation of people from Black, Asian, and other ethnic minority backgrounds within the hospitality industry. They feel that they are in unique position as a Caribbean-inspired business to champion greater ethnic diversity, teams, increasing representation at all levels to become leaders in the hospitality sector.

They say “With our position comes a responsibility to ensure that we are building relationships with African Caribbean communities within the local communities around our restaurants and supporting wherever we can.” They are also focussed on closing the gender pay gap. You can find out more about the pledge here.

Some of the perks

You can recreate some of Turtle Bay's recipes at home, from their jerk marinade to their Bajun Mango punch. They've even created their own Spotify playlist so you can discover the best island tunes – check out some of their favourite artists here.

One thing that makes Turtle Bay stand out from its competitors is that Happy Hour and bottomless brunches happen every single day! Fans of Turtle Bay can also join ‘The Bay Club’ and get:

  • A Turtle Stamp every time you visit
  • Gifts worth up to £15 per visit
  • Invitations to try new dishes and attend events
  • Easy access to booking & ordering

Where can you visit?

With your help, we are proud to continue to support Turtle Bay with their guest experience. Why not treat yourself and a friend to a Turtle Bay visit on us?

Locations: Choose from 47 restaurants across the UK

Who can visit: 2-4 adults for lunch or dinner

Reimbursements: Up to £70 for an eat-in visit

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